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Auto Tracking Camera For Live Streaming

Auto Tracking Camera For Live Streaming
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In addition to the popular cameras on the market today, automatic tracking cameras are also interesting by many people. Many argue that it should be used for live streaming. The article Auto Tracking Camera For Live Streaming will answer this question for you.

What is an auto tracking camera?

A camera that automatically tracks and focuses on a moving object is known as an auto-tracking camera. These cameras often employ computer vision or other cutting-edge tracking technologies.

By doing this, the camera may record video of the topic without needing to be manually adjusted or moved by the camera operator. There are several applications for auto-tracking cameras, including security systems, sports broadcasting, and movie-making.

Why use auto tracking camera for live streaming?

Live streaming can benefit from auto-tracking cameras since they enable accurate and seamless tracking of moving objects without a camera operator. The ability to watch the action uninterrupted can increase audience engagement for live-streaming events like sports or concerts.

Additionally, auto-tracking cameras may be set up to follow particular topics, such as a player or performance, which can serve to keep the attention on the event’s primary activity.

Additionally, it might be useful for small events when money is a problem or for live streaming occasions where a single camera operator is impractical. This is the next information in Auto Tracking Camera For Live Streaming.

Advantages of using auto-tracking camera for live streaming

Tracking that is smooth and seamless: Auto-tracking cameras can focus and follow moving objects with greater ease, producing more captivating videos for viewers.
Reduced labor costs: Since an auto-tracking camera does not require a camera operator, live streaming events may have lower labor costs.
Increased adaptability: Auto-tracking cameras may be set up to follow particular subjects, enhancing the adaptability of the live-streaming production and meeting the requirements of the event.
Enhanced production value: The live stream’s production value may be improved by utilizing an auto-tracking camera since the footage will be more lively and aesthetically appealing.
Enhanced coverage: Automated tracking can enhance the event’s coverage by following multiple subjects simultaneously and offering a variety of viewpoints.
Increased dependability: Since auto-tracking cameras never let the target out of focus, they are more reliable than human operators who can make mistakes. This is the next information in Auto Tracking Camera For Live Streaming.

The best auto-tracking camera for live streaming

The automatic tracking PTZ camera

The PTC320UNV2 AI Auto Tracking PTZ Camera provides powerful and reliable Pro AV capabilities for everyone. Inspired by the AVer family of professional PTZ Cameras, the PTC320UNV2 features indoor AI functions such as Auto Tracking and Area Mode, thanks to its Human Detection processing.

Combines a 20X Optical Zoom lens and 4K resolution with hybrid auto tracking and smooth PTZ functions for broadcast, streaming, or recording. Your exciting journey in audio and video starts here.

The automatic tracking PTZ camera

The PTC320UNV2 adheres to the strictest NDI standards to deliver the lowest latency for on-air camera control, switching, and live streaming – all over an IP connection.

It makes live broadcasting faster and simpler, allowing users to stream to large audiences without investing in complex and expensive equipment. Design efficient and flexible IP workflows at will.

4K output resolution
Equipped with 4K resolution, the PTC320UNV2 offers extremely accurate auto-tracking. The PTC320UNV2 also features a Sony sensor that maintains truly impressive video performance across every frame of your production.
20X Optical Zoom & 12X Digital Zoom
The zoom of the PTC320UNV2 camera reaches an amazing 252X (20X optical zoom and 12X digital zoom). It works even when the camera is panning and tilting, allowing you to highlight content and quickly change the shooting angle.
Operate a closer and clearer video feed with the outstanding PTZ performance of the PTC320UNV2.
AI technology recognizes people
We are introducing AVer’s most advanced AI technology. The highly accurate AI human-recognition feature allows the PTC320UNV2 to easily detect and recognize the shape and movement of objects in seconds. The algorithm automatically recognizes and remembers to track objects immediately, even when moving.
Click & Track
Quickly redirect focus instantly with the PTC320UNV2. Click on the target to adjust the shooting angle quickly and begin precise tracking. This advanced feature is easy for anyone to use via remote control or web user interface.
Presenter tracking mode
Track your goals anywhere with Presenter Tracking Mode. This feature gives presenters the flexibility to get off the stage and interact with the audience, all movements being continuously tracked. The camera still locks onto the tracking target, even when other people or objects get in the way.
Area tracking mode
Area tracking enhances the ability to capture content across multiple screens. Create up to four Content Zones to steadily capture displayed content instead of presenter movements.
Combined tracking mode
Hybrid track mode provides maximum freedom of movement for speakers. Preset Tracking Zones, and when you step into them, you’ll be targeted with tracking along with the content. When you are outside, it will be Presenter Tracking Mode.


The automatic tracking function can be applied to monitor the perimeter of an airport, military facility, or community. Hope the article Auto Tracking Camera For Live Streaming will provide useful information for you.

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